How can you add query parameters in the ZF2 / ZF3 url view helper

I'm attempting to create a url with a query string using a route, like so:

$this->url('users') -> /users
$this->url('users', ['sort' => 'desc']) -> /users?sort=desc

However this doesn't seem to work (the second helper actually outputs /users). According to this unofficial, out-of-date documentation there was once a way to do this by appending /query to the route name, however this gives a route-not-found exception.

Can this be done using the current url helper?


You can create a child route for your users route like this:

'users' => array(
    'type' => 'Literal',
    'options' => array(
        'route' => '/users',
        'defaults' => array(
            '__NAMESPACE__' => 'User\Controller',
            'controller' => 'Index',
            'action' => 'list',
    'may_terminate' => true,
    'child_routes'  => array(
        'query' => array(
            'type' => 'Query',

then you can assemble $this->url('users/query', array('sort' => 'desc')).

Don't forget to set may_terminate to true!

Since version 2.1.4 you come across user error

Query route deprecated as of ZF 2.1.4; use the "query" option of the HTTP router\'s assembling method instead

Usage example:

$name    = 'index/article';
$params  = ['article_id' => $articleId];
$options = [
        'query' => ['param' => 'value'], 
$this->url($name, $params, $options);

This can be done using the current URL view helper yes.

$this->url('users', [], array('query' => array('sort' => 'desc')))

You do not need to have query string child routes setup. As long as you have a route setup for 'users', you can just look for the 'sort' param in your controller and use where required.

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