Converting from RGB ints to Hex

What I have is R:255 G:181 B:178, and I am working in C# (for WP8, to be more specific)

I would like to convert this to a hex number to use as a color (to set the pixel color of a WriteableBitmap). What I am doing is the following:

int hex = (255 << 24) | ((byte)R << 16) | ((byte)G << 8) | ((Byte)B<<0);

But when I do this, I just get blue.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Also, to undo this, to check the RGB values, I am going:

int r = ((byte)(hex >> 16)); // = 0
int g = ((byte)(hex >> 8)); // = 0
int b = ((byte)(hex >> 0)); // = 255


Color myColor = Color.FromArgb(255, 181, 178);

string hex = myColor.R.ToString("X2") + myColor.G.ToString("X2") + myColor.B.ToString("X2");

You can use a shorter string format to avoid string concatenations.

string.Format("{0:X2}{1:X2}{2:X2}", r, g, b)

Using string interpolation, this can be written as:


Greetings fellow humans,

//Red Value
int integerRedValue = 0;
//Green Value
int integerGreenValue = 0;
//Blue Value
int integerBlueValue  = 0;

string hexValue = integerRedValue.ToString("X2") + integerGreenValue.ToString("X2") + integerBlueValue.ToString("X2");

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