How to format the currency in HTML5 with thymeleaf

I am stuck with formatting the currency in HTML 5. I have application where I have to format the currency. I have below code snippet

 <td class="right"><span th:inline="text">$ [[${abc.value}]]</span></td>

Where from DAO abc I am reading the currency value, it should be formatted. Currently printing $ 1200000.0 it should print $ 1,200,000.0 .0


You can use the #numbers utility object, which methods you can see here:

For example:

<span th:inline="text">$ [[${#numbers.formatDecimal(abc.value, 0, 'COMMA', 2, 'POINT')}]]</span>

Nevertheless, you can also do this without inlining (which is the thymeleaf recommended way):

<td>$ <span th:text="${#numbers.formatDecimal(abc.value, 0, 'COMMA', 2, 'POINT')}">10.00</span></td>

I recommend to use the DEFAULT value (= based on locale) in case your application has to deal with different languages :

${#numbers.formatDecimal(abc.value, 1, 'DEFAULT', 2, 'DEFAULT')}

From Thymeleaf doc (more precisely NumberPointType) :

 * Set minimum integer digits and thousands separator: 
 * 'POINT', 'COMMA', 'NONE' or 'DEFAULT' (by locale).
 * Also works with arrays, lists or sets

 * Set minimum integer digits and (exact) decimal digits, and also decimal separator.
 * Also works with arrays, lists or sets

You can now more simply call the formatCurrency method in the numbers utility:


This will remove the need for a currency symbol as well.

Example: <span th:remove="tag" th:text="${#numbers.formatCurrency(abc.value)}">$100</span>

You'd inline using Thymeleaf's numbers utility object as follows:


In the view, it'll even prepend the dollar sign ($) for you.

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