IOS Application loader shows bundle error

I have already waste 3 days "solving" this problem (actually I have tried everything i could imagine but get nothing).

While binary uploading of my application i get the following error: ERROR ITMS-9000: "this bundle is invalid. armv7s are required to include armv7 architecture." at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset (MZItmspSoftwareAssetPackage).


Oh I got it, what you only need to do is to disconnect your device (remove the cable connection between your device and system).

Now archive it and validate. You are good to go I believe. :)

Follow These steps while uploading binary:

  1. Make you Project ready to go (Create distribution certificate, appstore provisioning profile with this certificate and application id of the application you are willing to upload, down load both and double click to install them)
  2. Check if every thing is right, like right Icon files default files etc, and in build setting of your application you have selected your appstore provisioning profile to create you build.
  3. Now unplug your device (although debug option should still remain selected to ios device) while archiving your build
  4. After archiving is completed, validate your build (with same account you have created provisioning profile with), and then correct if there's some other errors, or upload the build otherwise.

I got this error, because arch (arm7, arm7s, arm64) + Build Active Arch Only - YES.

I did next: - disconnect iphone - exclude arm64-arch - Set Build Active Arch Only - NO.

Build was successfully uploaded.

The problem to me was very lazy! I just lost the Universal Deployment Target (I had iPhone only for error). Fixed that it worked fine.

I tried removing the cable and re/assigning the provisioning profile(s) etc. In the end I just removed arm64 from the list of valid architectures on the project and target files.

How much does arm64 matter anyway?

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