alternative source for installing git. brew install git; Down for maintenance

i just noticed that is Down for maintenance. is there a different formula which uses a different mirror ? or could i add a different source (like bundler?) to homebrew?

thx for help!


Quick workaround: Perform brew edit git

And put

url ''

md5 'ab731cf9b99529f3f8d126aa15d9a1cd'

Instead of

url ''

md5 'd1e00772cc9dc6c571999feb9e8771ab'

Also put

url '

instead of

url ''

And also put

url ''

instead of

url ''

Save and after that type brew install git.

When Linus is done with kernelorg's maintenance, you can revert all these changes.

UPDATE: Added mirror for htmldocs as well. Credits to Tadashi Shigeoka who found the url.

UPDATE: Recent homebrew revision contains mirrors, so that you don't need to use this hack.

Updated for 2015: The solution is much simpler asssuming you have ruby.

@Sharpie added mirror support several years ago. The top answer here is more work than necessary. Do this instead:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

And then:

brew install git

I had trouble resolving the link to the git-manpages. The manpages are also available at the above git-htmldocs url.

url ''

I found the mirror site to download 'git-htmldocs-'



url ''

instead of

url ''

I found out that was down when trying to install the manpages but you can use

url ''

instead of

url ''

Had an issue with git-htmldocs url, kept getting connection reset by peer.

Noticed that the files were downloaded and kept in /Users/vish/Library/Caches/Homebrew

So just downloaded git-htmldocs- from here and moved it into the directory.

the HTML docs are available here:

Git source is also mirrored on github (I forget where off the top of my head, but a quick search will find it)

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