CMake conditionally add Qt signals with preprocessor defines

I'm working on a Qt project using CMake as a build system, but I'm running into a bit of an issue.

For debugging purposes, I want to add some extra buttons to my application, which means I also need associated signals/slots for those buttons to connect them. Since they're purely for debugging, though, I only want them included in the application if it's built in debug mode. To achieve this, I'm using CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE. For example, I have the following code:

    MESSAGE(STATUS "No CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE specified; defaulting to Debug mode.")


This seems to be working well. If I enable "verbose makefile," I see -DMYAPP_DEBUG being passed to the compiler just like it should be. This doesn't seem to work though, with moc files.

I'm using a rather recent version of CMake (i.e., >= 2.8.9), so I have the new CMAKE_AUTOMOC feature turned on. However, when I have a header file that contain:

    void debugTriggered(bool);

I get the following when I start the application:

QObject::connect: No such signal MainMenu::debugTriggered(bool)

I'm assuming the reason for this is that the value of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS is not taken into account when CMake is AUTOMOC-ing my sources. How can I alter my CMake build file to get this working?


Macros should be added using add_definitions and not via CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS.

Another problem is that your flags are messed up - you use cmake_C_flags to load values into cmake_CXX_flags

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