Kendo UI ComboBox : Automatic Load On Demand

Initially we are using Telerik ASP.NET combo box. For this having load on demand option ( link). Now we are moving to Kendo UI combo box. This combo box doesn't contain all options (which are present in telerik combobox) like Load on demand , ShowMoreResultsBox.. etc.

Could you please provide solution for updating item on Load on demand

         .Placeholder("Select fabric...")
         .DataSource(source =>
             source.Read(read =>


This is the post for this on Kendo Premium forums itself. Just updating so that SO also has its update: Update items for ComboBox with Load on demand

Just copying their reply. 1st reply

Basically to achieve the "Load on demand" behavior you should also set the "AutoBind" option to false - that way the ComboBox will request the data only when requested by the user. Additionally you can modify the server to restrict the response to for example 5 records. That way the ComboBox will load only 5 records, related to current search text on demand.

2nd reply

I'm afraid that loading items on demand inside the ComboBox result drop-down currently is not supported out of the box and the solution from my previous reply should be used instead. Also please note that the KendoUI UserVoice already have such idea added and you can vote for it here (most voted ideas are included in next KendoUI releases).

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