Composite Control has design time error in Certain Pages

I have a solution in ASP.Net 2008 (C#) with: - A Project with a Composite control (with some buttons and textboxes). - Another project (application) just to test the control.

I started to test the control inside a page or webform. It had some design time errors so when I dragged the control to the page it showed the "Error Rendering Control" in design time. I corrected the errors, rebuild the project with the control, and the control appears fine in design time.

But I added another webform, I dragged the control on it, and the "Error Rendering Control" appears again. I added another webforms and drag the control on them and that error appears too.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry, because I have a lot of code in my composite control, I didn't noticed that I had a .FindControl sentence inside my composite control. I put that senrtence just for testing, but I forgot to delete it from my code. So the page when it worked fine had the control specified in FindControl, the other pages had not.

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