An "if mouseover" or a "do while mouseover" in JavaScript/jQuery

Is there a JavaScript or jQuery solution to run a function repeatedly (after setTimeout) while the mouse is over a DOM object? Otherwise said, is there a JavaScript "do while mouseover" (or "if mouseover")?

    $('someObject').bind('mouseover', function() {

        //Do the following while mouseover 
        $('someOtherObject').css('margin-left',adjustedLeft + 'px');
        setTimeout(/*do it again*/,25);



$('someObject').on('mouseenter', function() {
    this.iid = setInterval(function() {
       // do something           
    }, 25);
}).on('mouseleave', function(){
    this.iid && clearInterval(this.iid);

Example Look here

I would solve this issue using the onmouseout event. Start whatever you intended to do while the mouse is over the specified component on the mouseover event. When onmouseout event occurs i would stop it.

i use new bind style of jQuery.

'mouseenter': function(){console.log('Mouse over');}, 
'mouseleave': function(){console.log('Mouse leave');}

I know this is kind of old, but I think the proper function is already in JavaScript, onmousemove does just that.

OBJ.addEventListener("mouseenter", function() {
OBJ.addEventListener("mouseleave", function() {

Just in case you don't want to use jquery you can use this :)

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