How to control the image resolution painted as the background for a div

I am trying to paint an image as the background for a div element. But not able to figure out on how to control the resolution of the image.

My image resolution is 1400X900 px. I wanted to paint that image so that it wont be trimmed and fits to the screen. How to set the image size so that it will be fitted to screen? I tried using background-size but it is not working in I.E.

below is my div element

<div style="background:url('...');">
    some more elements


background-size (background-size: contain for instance) is the way to go. However, as you yourself note, this doesn't work in IE 8 and below.

For old IEs you can consider using background-size polyfill, which emulates background-size.

You could write a script that does the same thing but that might be more trouble than it's worth.

Use Css3 option background-size.

For example background-size:100% 100%;

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