Incompatible types in assignment in c when assigning same structure members to other members

I am working with c-file i am getting the error incompatible type in assignment. My Code is as follows -

typedef struct
 float a1;
 float a2; .... 

 float a26;

typedef struct
int b1;
CPS_Param *Param;

void main () 
CPS_Param pParam;

set_Param(&pParam,0.04,0.001,0.01,0.67,0.07,....26parameters); program

pStr->Param->a1 = pParam.a1;
...26 repeat


set_Param(CPS_Param *pParam,float Param1, float Param2,....26 assignments)
pParam->a1 = Param1;   // here i am getting compatability error
pParam->a2 = Param2;   // here i am getting compatability error
pParam->a26= Param26;  // here i am getting compatability error


My main intention is ....i want to create two members one as odinary like pParam and other like *Param which is inside (*pStr). I will first installize the pParam by a function and other values passing as arguments. Finally at the end of the program i will copy the pParam parameters directly to the *Param (inside *pStr). But while i am writing the program i shows incompability of assignment. All the structure members are of different parameters of same data type which cannot be combined as array. Can you point out the mistake i have done...


For one thing, you have not allocated memory for the CPS_Param pointer inside the CPS_IPOP structure. So you will get a segv when the program is run.

What compiler are you using? Gcc compiles it just fine.

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