Is there a way to mix angular class directive with Boolean and ternary expression?

I'm trying to write a mix of ternary and Boolean expression in the angular class (ng-class) directive. but I can't find the right syntax to make it work, or find a decent example on the web.

I know that in angular class directive we can write a ternary expression such as the following.

<... ng-class="isAdmin ? 'enabled' : 'disabled'" ...>

And a Boolean expression such as.

<... ng-class="{visible:isPowerUser}" ...>

But is there a way to mix them like this?

<... ng-class="{visible:isPowerUser} & (isAdmin ? 'enabled' : 'disabled')" ...> 



You can use something like this:

ng-class="{visible: isPowerUser, enabled: isAdmin, disabled: !isAdmin}"
  • if the isAdmin is true, the class enabled will be assigned
  • else !isAdmin (is false), the disabled class will be assigned

The visible will be also assigned if the isPowerUser is true. More details ngClass

Other options could be like this:

ng-class="{visible: isPowerUser && isAdmin}" 

which will assign visible class only if both parts are true

You could separate the functionality if its only visible you are worried about for the isPowerUser:

ng-if="isPowerUser" ng-class="{true:'enabled', false:'disabled'}[isAdmin]"

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