Multi level view: expandablelistview

I am trying to write multi level tree. I did look at expandablelistview, but it only supports two levels. I did look at other questions(SO) & posts and the most promising post i have found is

I understand that i will have to write something custom to handle multiple level tree. What is the best recommended approach to take? Can i add an exapandablelistview as a child to an exapanablelistview??



You can achieve an n-level ExpandableListView, if you use it with your custom BaseExpandableListAdapter.

In this extended adapter, you override the

public View getGroupView(int groupPosition, boolean isExpanded, 
    View convertView, ViewGroup parent)

method, assign a BaseExpandableListAdapter instance to the convertView, and return it.

If you have override all the necessary methods in your adapter, this should work.

It's possible, but it would make the GUI structure too complicated to implement.

First, you have to know that the items rendered of ExpandableListView are given by a BaseExpandableListAdapter. You have to design and implement the same number of adapters as your level-2 items, so that the level-3 lists can be rendered correctly for each level-2 item.

I would suggest you to redesign the GUI. Multilevel ExpandableListView not only complicate the code, maybe also mess up the screen.

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