JPA : No connection specified for the project

I followed the following lesson step by step:

I chose the database to be persisted in a file.

But I receive the following error under "Markers" :

No connection specified for the project. No data-specific validation will be performed

What might be the problem?


No connection specified for project. No database-specific validation will be performed Eclipse Marker is related to JPA.

You can perform following things to eliminate markers:-

1.You can either add the required datatools

2.disable the JPA validator right-click on the project in which marker error is showing select Properties--->>>Validation).

Right Click on the project > Properties > JPA. There you can define a connection (follow the wizard).

If your connection is managed by the Application Server, you can ignore this message by going to Project -> Properties -> JPA -> Errors / Warnings :

  • Check Enable Project Specific Settings .
  • Under Project tree set No connection specified for project to Ignore.

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