What is the proper command to restart a Dokku app from SSH?

A Rails app I deployed on DigitalOcean using Dokku crashed and started returning 500 errors.

How can I restart it without pushing an empty commit?


dokku ps:restart <app> works for me logged in with dokku system user.

Use dokku apps to list your apps.

If you just want restart the web app, run dokku deploy myapp

Found it there! You have to use Docker restart command directly.

Connect to your server by SSH and run:

docker restart `cat /home/dokku/myapp/CONTAINER`

myapp being the name of my application. Change the path to your app if needed.

The proper way to restart an app is:

dokku release myapp
dokku deploy myapp

This is how it's done in plugins/config/commands after setting environment variables:

config_restart_app() {

  echo "-----> Releasing $APP ..."
  dokku release $APP
  echo "-----> Release complete!"
  echo "-----> Deploying $APP ..."
  dokku deploy $APP
  echo "-----> Deploy complete!"

I have sent a pull request to add a dokku restart myapp command.


The 'new' way appears to be to issue the command 'dokku ps:restart myapp'


An easier way might be to use a plugin:


Then issue

dokku rebuild myapp

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