Suddenly I have a giant huge cursor in kde, how to make it normal?

Is there an actual way in todays KDE / Kubuntu 13.10 to change the cursor size? I connected a second monitor and my cursor suddenly is huuuuge, totally not useful.

I tried sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme but kde overwrites that selected theme, it only shows during the log-in screen

Googling I found a couple people having this issue over the years but all vectors to solve it are obsolete if they ever worked ...


EDIT: I don't understand all the hate (down-votes), this really is an issue!


you tried system settings workspace appearance and setting to default - also on mine it has a contract 36 or white glass and it has 48, I have now changed mine to this 48 it looks kind of nice I can see it I think its cool a little hip and shows your getting older and wiser so if anything is lacking this can make up for it :) I have put it up for you so your on neutral now lets hope it stays there

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