Combine two ActiveRecord Query results

I currently have two active record queries that I would like to combine together

joins("join relationships ON user_id = followed_id").
              where("follower_id = #{}")


where(:user_id =>

Basically I want the results of the second one to appear with the first similar to a UNION statement in SQL. Can it be done in ActiveRecord in this way?

I would prefer to use a union rather that have to join all the followed_ids in a string and use the IN clause in sql.

Any ideas?

-----Edit------ I am looking for a way to get this to work with lazy loading


Use relation & relation:

Model.joins("join relationships ON user_id = followed_id").where("follower_id = {}") & Model.where(:user_id =>

This was useful for me:

Model.where(...) | Model.where(...)

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