Logging configuration for the Apache Tomcat Maven plugin exec-war-only goal?

I would like to specify a logging configuration file via the extraResources tag described @ http://tomcat.apache.org/maven-plugin-2.1/tomcat7-maven-plugin/exec-war-only-mojo.html#extraResources and am getting the following maven error

Failed to execute goal org.apache.tomcat.maven:tomcat7-maven-plugin:2.1:exec-war-only (tomcat-run) on project iot-service-embedded-tomcat: Unable to parse configuration of mojo org.apache.tomcat.maven:tomcat7-maven-plugin:2.1:exec-war-only for parameter extraResource: Cannot configure instance of org.apache.tomcat.maven.plugin.tomcat7.run.ExtraResource from log4j.properties

Here's the maven plugin entry:


What is the proper syntax?


I was able to find the answer by looking at the the getters/setters in the Maven model Resource class. The proper syntax is:


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