Mondrian schema cache control

I am having trouble clearing the Mondrian schema cache on my BI server. I go to Tools->Refresh->Mondrian cache. But clear_mondrian_schema_cache.xaction does not seem to be clearing the cache.

I need the results to update as the source data changes, but I seem to keep getting cached results every time I issue a query.

Can someone help me with the API to enable periodic schema cache refresh?


i use the following bash script. which works nicely without any API faff :). it is the equivalent of clicking tools > refresh > mondrian cache in the console.

the variable schema is the name of the schema which you see in the schema workbench app

# script to clean pentaho cache


wget --no-check-certificate http://${host}:2310/pentaho/content/analyzer/ajax/clearCache?catalog=${schema}\&userid=${user}\&password=${pass}

credit to pentaho support

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