Emacs freezing when asking Jedi/Auto Complete information while Interpreter is busy

I just now realize what is causing the trouble:

Whenever the interpreter is busy, my Emacs buffer containing the python script buffer gets stuck, as I suspect that Emacs is trying to get the information of a function, and display it as a pop up. My usual solution is to spam C-g, but that gets old quickly.

It has been bothering me for months, did anyone find a solution (such as a separate thread for the python info)? Even simply ceasing Jedi work while the interpreter is busy really would save a lot of frustration.

I am using Jedi, auto-complete, Python 2.7 and Python 3.3 (the problems occur in both), on Ubuntu.


Maybe disable auto-complete at all? BTW from my feeling relying on company, not jedi, the distraction from auto-complete in most cases is far over gain. Emacs comes with a lot of great tools making edits faster: abbrev, dabbrev etc. which seem much more efficient. Well, if jedi delivers really intelligent completions, it might be part of the game.

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