maven dependency for joda-time:joda-time-jsptags:jar:1.0.2

I am trying to install the spring petcare application in my eclipse/tomcat7 installation, and I am getting the following error message when I try Run As..Maven Build in eclipse:

POM for joda-time:joda-time-jsptags:jar:1.0.2 is missing, no dependency information available  

Here is a link to the complete stack trace. And here is a link to pom.xml. The entire code for the application can be found at this link. I have not changed anything in the application's code yet because I have not even gotten it to compile.

The jar in question seems to be in my local maven repository, so the problem may be that the app is simply not seeing it.

Can anyone help me get this to compile?


Actually looking at and the pom for that artifact is indeed missing! However the pom later version does exist.

Assuming that artifact is backward compatible I think you can fix it simply by upgrading joda-time-jsptags to 1.1.

Find and update following dependency on the pom.xml


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