Use of mvn clean -e install

I am new to maven build process. Used the following command for building the project.

mvn clean install

But I am just confused over the command given below, found it is used somewhere else instead of above. Why we are using the following command?Is that -e a necessary or both the same?

mvn -e clean install

Checked for documentation. Some one please explain the differences?


-e is a maven execution flag which when set causes maven to "Produce execution error messages".

It will basically provide you with more information if something goes wrong.

So basically if the builds are both successful then there is no difference between executing mvn -e clean install or executing mvn clean install. However if something goes wrong then the 1st execution should provide more information which might make the problem easier to solve.

The -e flag is often used together with the -X flag, which produces execution debug output. Details can be found here:

To see all flags available simply execute mvn --help

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