Application error: resteasy-servlet did not complete its transaction

2013-08-01 11:30:18,176 ERROR [org.jboss.web.tomcat.service.jca.CachedConnectionValve] (http- Application error: resteasy-servlet did not complete its transaction

The above is an error which I am getting in the server console. I am making a request with a certain client and if the client is null I am returning the response. I think this is because I am retuning the response without executing the full code.

The following block is making this error

   Users client = PersistanceService.findModel(Users.class, request.getClientId());
    //checking if its a valid client
    if (client == null) {
        LOGGER.warn("User not found : invalid client");
        return response;

What should I do to avoid this?


Have you build you response?

If not this should work:

return Response.status(theHTTPCOde).entity(yourBody/Message).build()

You could try something like this:

return Response.status(Response.Status.NOT_FOUND).entity("User not found : invalid client").build()

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