The proper way to deploy (by git) zf2 application with vendor modules added by git

I wanna deploy by git my application to the host. But if I push my code to repository, in the repo I do not have some of vendor modules (I added them by composer in my local test host). Is it something with .gitignore in vendor modules ? (Especially with zfc-twitter-bootstrap and zf-commons). What is the proper way or good practice to deploy by git my application and get submodule added in repo. (On gitweb a have: "Reading blob failed." in the place of module files). Thanks in advance guys.


You should look at Capistrano:

Pushing binaries like vendors into Git is generally not a good practice.

composer install is the good way. But don't forget to include composer.lock in your git repo.

A good explanation can be read here

And you could do a composer dump-autoload --optimize for an optimal autoloader.

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