change directory in batch file using variable

Here's the question:

set Pathname = C:\Program Files
cd %Pathname%

The above doesn't change the directory, as I would expect. Can anybody please tell me why?


The set statement doesn't treat spaces the way you expect; your variable is really named Pathname[space] and is equal to [space]C:\Program Files.

Remove the spaces from both sides of the = sign, and put the value in double quotes:

set Pathname="C:\Program Files"

Also, if your command prompt is not open to C:\, then using cd alone can't change drives.


cd /d %Pathname%


pushd %Pathname%


simple way to do this... here are the example

cd program files
cd poweriso
piso mount D:\<Filename.iso> <Virtual Drive>

this will mount the ISO image to the specific drive...use

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