Turn table into div

Have this code I want to turn into div, trying to get content to display side by side, but in a div:

<table class="style1">
        <td class="style2">content left</td>
        <td class="style5">content right</td>


One way of doing it for a fluid layout is to use floating elements wrapped in a container.

<div class="style1">
    <div class="style2">Left</div>
    <div class="style5">Right</div>

Assuming a similar tag soup and a fluid layout, css as follows:

.style1 {  overflow:auto; position:relative; }
.style2 { float:left; }
.style5 { float:right; }

Or if you want them to grid together, make both elements float:left;

Ansver of Alan Kael Ball is right, But you can also use "display:table-cell"

More info about display you can find here!

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