How to append an element in a list a declared in global , while list.append() statement is inside a function

corrected code for query , both var and result are global variables which are required to be accessed inside a function

import copy
result = []
var = 'second list empty'

def permute(arr1,arr2):    
    if(len(arr2) <= 0):
        global result.append(var)
    stx = "".join(arr1)
    for x in arr2:
       var = stx + x
       arr3 = copy.deepcopy(arr2)


Remove the word global from your append statement.

You have:

global result.append(var)

It should be:


You only need the global keyword when you`re reassigning a global variable inside the function, and you use it just to declare the variable global; you can't do anything else with it in that statement.

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