Adding metadata to PDF generated using Wicked PDF

I'm using Wicked PDF to generate a PDF from HTML. I've seen this SO question on adding metadata to a PDF, and it suggests using XMP metadata. How can I use Wicked PDF to add XMP metadata to a generated PDF?


If you are creating the original document using Prawn as you say, then just use the info attribute to set the meta-data you need. See the manual and search for :info. I'm not sure what you mean when you say Wicked PDF adds a title. PDF documents don't have titles (although sections and subsections can in the outline). See this discussion, for example.

If you can't add metadata directly with WickedPDF, you might try using another library to add the metadata after the PDF is generated (a two step process).

I found an SO answer that suggests PDFtk might be able to do that:

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