How to store data in file date wise in java(Android)

I want to store data in android application date wise, i.e different data for different day. The data will be just integer values and meanwhile want to retrieve it date wise only. i want to store it in a single file. and then want to display it in a chart format in android datewise.. so is there any way i can do it. or can anyone guide me. Thanks


You can have a look on SQLite Storage.if you want store it in table format. Which can store the values in table format and it will be easy for you to retrive. I think this is the best option.

Assuming below are file contents. Read all contents of file in StringBuffer and then get daywise contents by spliting based on "-------EOD----". This will return daywise text.

12/02/2014 1111222222222
11/02/2014 1111222222222
10/02/2014 1111222222222

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