cant find ant-macros.xml when building sample gcm-demo-appengine

When trying to build sample gcm-demo-appengine I get this error.

vihaan@cd:~/sourceCode/gcm/samples/gcm-demo-appengine$ ant -Dsdk.dir=/home/vihaan/Downloads/eclipse/plugins/ runserver
Buildfile: /home/vihaan/sourceCode/gcm/samples/gcm-demo-appengine/build.xml

/home/vihaan/sourceCode/gcm/samples/gcm-demo-appengine/build.xml:27: Cannot find /home/vihaan/Downloads/eclipse/plugins/ imported from /home/vihaan/sourceCode/gcm/samples/gcm-demo-appengine/build.xml

Total time: 0 seconds

I have checked the sdk.dir i.e /home/vihaan/Downloads/eclipse/plugins/ and there is no config folder nor ant-macros.xml file. How and where do I get the ant-macros.xml file from ?

Answers , the zip file has the files needed for running it. Don't know whats wrong with eclipse gae plugin.

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