How to scroll ListView to the bottom?

I though this would be a simple task, but apparently there is no way to scroll listview to the bottom. All solutions that I found are using variations of setSelection(lastItem) method which only sets selection to last item, but does not scrolls to the bottom of it.

In my case I have a empty listview (with a long empty view header set) and I want to scroll to bottom of it.

So, is there a way to do it?


So for those who are interested the working solution is:

getListView().setSelectionFromTop(0, -mHeader.getHeight());



This also works, with right offset (calculated based on current scroll position), but might give you some unexpected results.


Try using list.scrollTo(0, list.getHeight());

If you want the list view to be scrolled always at the bottom even when you are updating the list view dynamically then you can add these attributes in list view itself.


use the following

    lv.setSelection(adapter.getCount() - 1);

If you would like to have a scroll animation programmatically you could easily scroll to the bottom of the list using:


scrolling to the top most of the list can be achieved using:


Try this one.. it will solve your problem, i tried it and it works great. Runnable(){
             public void run() {
             listView.setSelection(listView.getCount() - 1);

private void scrollMyListViewToBottom() { Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            // Select the last row so it will scroll into view...
            myListView.setSelection(myListAdapter.getCount() - 1);
Its working for me

Use following and try.


You might want to try myListView.smoothScrollToPosition(myListView.getCount() - 1). This way, you're not forced into selecting the last row. Plus, you get some smooth, beautiful scrolling! (:

I Had the same problem, This works best for me


if there is no adapter set to your ListView then it has no children at all, empty view is not a child of your ListView

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