How can I read a file and display only the relevant lines using grep?


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You can use

grep -v "xinetd\|nrpe"

Sure, you can use first_pattern|second_pattern together with the -E option of grep:

tail -n 2000 /var/log/messages | grep -Ev "xinetd|nrpe"

From man grep:

-E, --extended-regexp

Interpret PATTERN as an extended regular expression (ERE, see below). (-E is specified by POSIX.)

$ cat a
hello this is me
bye this is me
and that's all

$ grep -Ev "hello|bye" a
and that's all

grep -v "xinetd\|nrpe"

is correct and sufficient. Options like -E or egrep are not necessary.

More variaties:

grep -v "^xinetd\|nrpe"   # exclude lines starting with xinetd, and any nrpe"
grep -v "xinetd$\|nrpe"   # exclude lines ending with xinetd, and any nrpe"

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