Xcode 5 app submission issue

Some days ago I installed Xcode 5. Today I'm trying to submit an app, but during validation I'm getting this issue: "The network connection was lost". I've never had any problem with Xcode 4.

My network is OK and I'm not using any proxy.

What is causing this problem?


It might have been a coincidence, but like other recent xcode issues I solved this by restarting xcode.

For me the solution was to submit the app via Application Loader (downloadable directly from iTunes Connect) rather than Xcode.

I have the observation that with Mavericks and App Nap enabled, a hidden Organizer window within XCODE will cause the network connection to be dropped.

Even if the window is occulated (hidden) for just a second).

Make sure the window is always visible and the problem does NOT occur.

It's all about your luck because you can't control Apple's Server's traffic problem, We all merely become the victim of that..So cut the long story short...

By restarting may work but everyone as in my case, i tried by restarting XCODE, SYSTEM, ROUTER and anything and everything possible, only error name had changed from "The network connection was lost" to "The request timed out" and vice Versa..!

Again i googled for that error some more solution i have found so i thought it may help further seekers.

Here, XCode 5 hangs with a timeout error when validating/uploading a "ready to be uploaded" app

PS: Only perseverance can help you in this way..keep redialing..And WAIT and WATCH:P

I had this issue. I submitted app through Application Loader and it worked fine.

For me the issue seemed to be related to the Adobe Application Manager which was trying to update CS6 but was stuck. I rebooted the computer and restarted the Adobe update and the instant I did that xcode started the upload.

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