How do I make a Hitbox in pyglet?

I am working on making buttons for a project in pyglet but have no idea how to make them, i would like to make it in between these coordinates.

on_mouse_press(x=365, y=187, dx=0, dy=0)
on_mouse_press(x=341, y=179, button='LEFT', modifiers=)

on_mouse_press(x=116, y=224, button='LEFT', modifiers=)
on_mouse_press(x=291, y=22, button='LEFT', modifiers=)

on_mouse_press(x=398, y=335, button='LEFT', modifiers=)
on_mouse_press(x=394, y=198, button='LEFT', modifiers=)

Any Ideas on how to do this?


This appears to me as very similar to this stack overflow question. The code proposed by Constantinus would exactly fit your purpose I think.

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