Disable progress indication in git command line

I'm using git from within Acme time to time, and carriage returns are not interpreted. When pushing/pulling code, because git does many animations with carriage returns, the output becomes a mess. Is there any way to disable these progress meters in git?


redirect stderr to cat. Unlike -q it doesn't suppress all output:

$ git fetch 2>&1 | cat
From git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg
   cc0e2ba..0bc3de1  master     -> origin/master
   58e212c..41216eb  release/0.10 -> origin/release/0.10
   929100a..69f724a  release/0.11 -> origin/release/0.11
   243396f..101e1b3  release/0.6 -> origin/release/0.6
   1049328..cce6bdc  release/0.7 -> origin/release/0.7
   115efde..8925c44  release/0.8 -> origin/release/0.8
   b6f5a54..320df1c  release/0.9 -> origin/release/0.9
   e28d960..a4c804d  release/1.0 -> origin/release/1.0
   b8eaf47..08dde75  release/1.1 -> origin/release/1.1
   86d4d4b..89c917f  release/1.2 -> origin/release/1.2
   7e73760..b4552cc  release/2.0 -> origin/release/2.0
   69a283e..ac38860  release/2.1 -> origin/release/2.1
 * [new tag]         n0.10.11   -> n0.10.11
 * [new tag]         n2.0.3     -> n2.0.3
From git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg
 * [new tag]         n1.1.8     -> n1.1.8
 * [new tag]         n1.2.5     -> n1.2.5
 * [new tag]         n2.1.2     -> n2.1.2
 * [new tag]         n2.1.3     -> n2.1.3

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