Escaping a dollar sign in Unix inside the cat command

On Ubuntu, I would like to end up with a disk file that reads:

foo $(bar)

I would like to create this file using the cat command, e.g.

cat <<EOF > baz.txt

The problem is the dollar sign. I have tried multiple combinations of backslash, single-quote, and double-quote characters, and cannot get it to work.


You can use regular quoting operators in a here document:

$ cat <<HERE
> foo \$(bar)
foo $(bar)

or you can disable expansion in the entire here document by quoting or escaping the here-doc delimiter:

$ cat <<'HERE'  # note single quotes
> foo $(bar)
foo $(bar)

It doesn't matter whether you use single or double quotes or a backslash escape (<<\HERE); they all have the same effect.

Backslash ('\') works for me. I tried it and here is the output:

$ cat <<EOF > tmp.txt
foo \$(abc)

$ cat tmp.txt 
foo $(abc)

I tried it on bash. I'm not sure whether you have to use a different escape character in a different shell.

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