How do I get raw form data in laravel?

I have a script that is trying to send data to my site using HTTP PUT. Normally, I woudl just retrieve it by reading from the input stream with file_get_contents('php://input'). However, when I try that with laravel, I don't get anything! Why not? How do I read the raw input data?


Laravel intercepts all input. If you're using PHP prior to 5.6, the php://input stream can only be read once. This means that you need to get the data from the framework. You can do this by accessing the getContent method on the Request instance, like this:

$content = Request::getContent(); // Using Request facade
     /* or */ 
$content = $request->getContent(); // If you already have a Request instance
                                   // lying around, from say the controller  

Since Illuminate\Request extends Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request, and getContent is defined here:

You can also use Request::json($key, $default); to return the value of a specific key in the json payload.

Update for latest Laravel (I'm using laravel 5.8), you may encounter error when using Request::getContent(); because the latest Symfony Request module (which underlie Laravel's Request module) no longer provide getContent as static method. Instead I use Request::createFromGlobals()->getContent();.


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