Review UI Widget from Google Play

I need to implement a Reviews widget in my application, similar to that seen in Google Play. Image Below:

Are there any components our there that make it easier to do this? It would save time & trouble of implementing my own version.



I would create a custom layout for that.

A TextField for stars information, a progress bar to show the number of stars and another TextField to show the number of ratings. Everything rapped on a LinearLayout (orientation = horizontal) for proper alignment.

Implement RatingBar in android.

some sample links

I used a custom layout for this as cmota recommended.

The labels for the stars are a series of TextViews within a Relative layout

The rating bars are Imageviews in a Linearlayouts.

Code snippet:

ImageView ratingOne = (ImageView) ratingsView.findViewById(;


            android:background="@color/orange" />


Each imageview has a fixed height : for example i use 15dp above

The width of the imageview is the my rating count

Then i change the layoutParams for each imageView according to the values

LinearLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(myRatingCount, ratingOne.getHeight());


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