Eloquent where-()-firstOrFail() doesn't return attributes

I'm using Laravel 4.1. I have a table profiles and an class Profiles that extends Eloquent with protected $table = 'profiles'. There's a row in the table with id = 1 and first_name = 'Admin'. I have the following code:


I'm not getting any failure but nor am I getting any of the table attributes. $profile->first_name is null. What am I doing wrong?


when you use where() method use it with model like this

$profile = Profile::where('id','=',1)->firstOrFail(); 


$profile = Profile::where('id',1)->firstOrFail(); 


use findOrFail() method if you need to search with id

$profile = Profile::findOrFail(1);

You can use find or findOrFail method, which searches by id columns on it's own.


// or using Facade


Stupid newbie! I wasn't using the static methods, but rather trying to use the methods on an instantiated object.




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