Cordova Resources not created in NetBeans: "Create Cordova Resources and rename site root to 'www'?"

I'm using NetBeans 7.4 for Cordova/Phonegap development and started a project using the built-in Cordova Application template.

Running the project in the browser (or mobile device browser) works just fine, but every time I choose Android or iOS, I get the following dialog:

Create Cordova Resources and rename site root to 'www'?

It then re-creates the project, although it already exists.

I tried clicking on Create Cordova Resources in the Project Properties, but it keeps saying:

Cordova Resources not created.

Any clue what's wrong?


I believe Cordova requires to have all resources (html, JS, CSS, images etc.) in folder called "www" (see Cordova documentation here) and default site root in HTML5 project in NetBeans is called public_html. So if your project's site root has different name, IDE asks you if it can rename it (or perhaps more specifically creates it, move there content of public_html and then remove the empty folder)

This certainly was a bug in NetBeans 7.4.

Fortunately it got fixed in Netbeans 8.0. The new release resolved various issues and provides better compatibility with Cordova (see NetBeans 8.0 Release Notes).

Therefore, download NetBeans 8.0 or greater and you're good to go.

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