"Update resources" option missing in IntelliJ IDEA

I am using tomcat 7 for developing a java web application. Running tomcat in the debug mode, I do not have options to "Update resources" and "Update classes and resources" on the "Update" menu. There are only "Hot Swap classes", "Redeploy" and "Restart Server". Please, could you help find them? Thanks a lot in advance! It would save me a lot of time..


All you have to do is deploy the exploded artifacts instead of the .ear/.war. Go back into the Run/Debug Configurations in the deployment tab and change the artifact that your deploying and pick the one that ends with :exploded

Need Your Help

Is there a way to push a MATLAB workspace onto a stack?

matlab stack workspace

Does anyone know if it's possible to have a stack of workspaces in MATLAB? It would be very convenient, to say the least.