Function-based indexes in SQL Server

I'm trying to understand if function based indexes similar to the one's in Oracle or PostgreSQL exist in SQL Server

In PostgreSQL, I can create a function based index using by using the following syntax:

CREATE INDEX sample ON "TestDB" (("expression1" || ' ' || "expression2"));

I found a article where I found something called "index on computed columns" in SQL Server. Is this a function based index just like in Oracle/PostgreSQL? Can anybody provide me a sample query to create/view such an index?


I researched a bit further based on Damien's comment and found an answer that comes very close to matching Oracle's/PostgreSQL's function based indexes.

I have a table named PARCELS where I created a new column COMPUTEDPARCELS by using the alter statement as given below:


And then create an index on the computed column:


Of course the example is pretty simple but behaves just like a function based index.

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