How to unpack 7-Zip.gz (.gz) with Python?

I have a .tar.gz file which I want to unpack (when I unpack with 7-Zip manually, I am getting a .tar file inside). I am able to unpack this .tar file easily then with Python tarfile module then.

When I right-click the .tar.gz file in Windows Explorer, I can see under Type of file: 7-Zip.gz (.gz). I have tried using gzip module (, however I am getting a an exception 'Not a gzipped file'. So there should be some other way to go.

I have searched the Internet and seen that people use 7-Zip manually or some batch commands, however I cannot find a way to do this in Python. I am on Python 2.7.


The tarfile library is able to read gzipped tar files. You should look at the examples here:

The first example might accomplish what you want. It extracts the content of the archive to the current working directory:

import tarfile
tar ="sample.tar.gz")

import os
import tarfile
import zipfile

def extract_file(path, to_directory='.'):
    if path.endswith('.zip'):
        opener, mode = zipfile.ZipFile, 'r'
    elif path.endswith('.tar.gz') or path.endswith('.tgz'):
        opener, mode =, 'r:gz'
    elif path.endswith('.tar.bz2') or path.endswith('.tbz'):
        opener, mode =, 'r:bz2'
        raise ValueError, "Could not extract `%s` as no appropriate extractor is found"     % path

    cwd = os.getcwd()

        file = opener(path, mode)
        try: file.extractall()
        finally: file.close()

Found this here:

This is the example from the python-docs and should work:

import gzip
f ='file.txt.gz', 'rb')
file_content =

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