How to Use jQuery select() to select content of a div in a popup?

Hi all i am working on jquery i need to Use jQuery select() to select content of a div in a popup i had written code in the html page it's working fine but when comes to poup it dosen't work

here i am calling a pop up in that pop up i have a div in that div i have a button in that i am calling a callingmethod(); but i's not working

do i have to change anything in this code please help to make it thanks in advance here my code

<input type="button"  id="btncall" onclick="callingmethod('selectable');" value="c0py" /> 

text to be copy

<div id="selectable">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
             Quisque eu ante ac massa dignissim tempor id nec lectus. Vestibulum commodo purus 
             vel nisl vulputate ac porttitor erat luctus. </div>

here is a calling function

function callingmethod(containerid) {

             if (document.selection) {
                var range = document.body.createTextRange();
            } else if (window.getSelection) {
                var range = document.createRange();


You don't have an element having an id of selectable anywhere in your code. And thus, are getting an error.

Add the following to your html file:

<input type='text' id='selectable' />

Type something into it. And press copy.


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