Ajax call as async

Hi i am using ajax first time

my i am using get method in Ajax

my code Ajax code is

$("#comboBox1").change(function() {
        var text2 = $(this).children(':selected').text();
        var value2 = $(this).val();
        alert(text2 + " = " + value2);
        document.getElementById("hid1").value = value2;



i need to call as asynchronous so where to put async:true in my code.

I am first time use Ajax so i Dose not know.... if anyone help me...


async:true is default in jQuery framework

If you want manage by $.ajaxSetup() function, because $.get dose not provide the pass additional setting params,

$.ajax() will be better and more intuitive


$.ajaxSetup({async:true}); to setup globally

The "load" function you are using is already performing an (asynchronous) Ajax call. You do not have to add anything. It is asynchronous by itself.

See here for some more information.

To execute code after the function returns you can use

        alert("Error: "+xhr.status+": "+xhr.statusText);

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