Is is possible to join FB group / Invite Friends using api

I am working on facebook api using php. I did a functionality to get the search feature in facebook (i.e) by user, group, etc.

Now i am in need to invite the search result user and join that search result group.

I tried more in google but i am not getting any source to join a group.. Is it possible to do that using facebook api?

Please help me on this..


Yes you can send invites to the users to join a group. Here's the documentation.

But the condition is that:

An app access token can invite any app users to a group created by that app.

The request must be made with an app access token and this same app must have created that group. So, you cannot send request to the friends if that group was not created using an app.


If you are asking that a user can join the group with Graph API, it's (of course) not possible!

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