Login in Facebook SDK for Unity3d in android

I need help using Facebook SDK for Unity3d in android. I was trying to do all the tutorial said, but I can't login succesfully. I do FB.Init and its ok, but FB.Login never works. Always return this:

   "access_token_expires_at":"01/01/0001 00:00:00"

please, i need fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for all.


i had the same problem this fixed it for me i was using the wrong keyhash in facebook, maybe you have the same problem

open the AndroidFacebook script and scroll till you see this:

 public void OnLoginComplete(string message)
            var parameters = (Dictionary<string, object>)MiniJSON.Json.Deserialize(message);

            if (parameters.ContainsKey("user_id"))
                isLoggedIn = true;
                userId = (string)parameters["user_id"];
                accessToken = (string)parameters["access_token"];
                accessTokenExpiresAt = FromTimestamp(int.Parse((string)parameters["expiration_timestamp"]));

            if (parameters.ContainsKey("key_hash"))
                keyHash = (string)parameters["key_hash"];
                print (keyHash);

            OnAuthResponse(new FBResult(message));

as you can see inside where it pertains to keyhash i put

print (keyHash);

so now if you run it and log in and use logcat on eclipse or a logger to see the print() that come out of the code check the keyhash you have in your facebook app and the one that is printed out with print (keyHash); witch is the correct one, hope this helps :)

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