How to remove a Facebook page's fake likes

There's this company that has a very annoying problem. For some reason their Facebook page started generating a lot of likes. The numbers go up to 10K new likes per month.

As these likes all originate from India, it takes no genius to figure out these are all fake likes.

Obviously this is quite an inconvenient situation, because this doesn't really add any value to the company's credibility. Maybe these likes were bought by a competitor to crank up the Facebook advertising costs...

I've searched everywhere, but there doesn't seem to be a solution to somehow programmatically remove the fake likes from the list. I very well understand that there possibly is no way to mass remove all of these likes, so I'm using my last sprinkle of hope to turn to you guys.

Has anyone come across a way to do this? I would love to hear all about the community's ideas about this problem, I can't be the only one suffering from this problem.

Thanks in advance!


Perhaps not quite what you're after but here's the link to remove/block a fan from your page:[PAGEID]&user_id=[USERID]&act=remove

If you could get a list of fan ID's that are fake and your page's ID a simple foreach loop, posting to that URL might do the trick.

Just for clarity, here's a PHP snippet (fill in the blanks yourself):

function postToFacebook($friendID){
    // cURL exec

foreach($friendArr as $curFriend){

This is assuming you have the friend ID's in an array which wouldn't be too difficult to get.

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