Memory is not deallocated after a giraph job is finished

I am using Apache Giraph version 1.0 upon Hadoop version 0.20.203. It executes ConnectedComponentsVertex and SimpleShortetPathsVertex, examples of apache giraph, jobs successfully, but there exists a problem. After a job is finished memory is not deallocated. As System monitor shows, java processes that are created for the job are still live. I don’t understand why this problem is occurred. Is it a Giraph's bug or I am doing something wrong??? I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 and java 1.6. Any help would be appreciated.



Yes, I believe it's a bug (see my question on the user lists: The way I'm getting around it is by sending a kill to all the workers after a job is done:

ssh worker-name "kill -9 \$(ps aux | grep \"[j]obcache/job_[0-9]\{12\}_[0-9]\{4\}/\" | awk '{print \$2}')"

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