Doctrine2, uniqueConstraint on JoinColumn for ZF2?

I have a data feed that has duplicated content (no idea why, it's an external feed), however we need to insert all items with a constraint on the title and type, i.e.

These can exist:

  • Name_A, Type_A
  • Name_A, Type_B

But only one of these should exist:

  • Name_A, Type_A
  • Name_A, Type_A

Here's the Entity code I'm using:

 * Restauration
 * @ORM\Table(name="restauration", uniqueConstraints={@ORM\UniqueConstraint(name="name_unique", columns={"name_1", "restauration_type"})})
 * @ORM\Entity(repositoryClass="iMotionTools\Repository\RestaurationRepository")
class Restauration
     * @var integer
     * @ORM\Column(name="id", type="integer", nullable=false)
     * @ORM\Id
     * @ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy="NONE")
    private $id;

     * @var string
     * @ORM\Column(name="name_1", type="string", length=128, nullable=true)
    private $name1;

     * @var string
     * @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity="RestaurationType", cascade={"persist"})
     * @ORM\JoinColumn(name="restauration_type", referencedColumnName="id")
    private $type;

But I get this error when parsing and inserting the data:

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 19 columns name_1, restauration_type are not unique:91:C:\coding\currate\vendor\doctrine\dbal\lib\Doctrine\DBAL\DBALException.php

I'm wondering whether the easy way is to just ignore the thrown exception? Looks like it's a driverExceptionDuringQuery that gets thrown during my call to $em->persist(); but I'm not sure how I would ignore if the call contains the above error?


If you want to ignore that, stop using constraint integrity.

{@ORM\UniqueConstraint(name="name_unique", columns={"name_1" //etc...

Your data has name_1 not unique this is why you have this error, integrity constraint check this, you can't ignore that, without remove the unique constraint parameters.

Edit :

You have to then, before persist data, check with your actual data in the table, if there is a duplicate entry for both name_1 AND Type, and do not persist them.

for check both you can use :

@UniqueEntity({"name", "type"})

found here : validation multiple constraint columns

Even if it's for SF2, it's the same concept

I've removed the UniqueConstraint attribute from the table and added a function to check the objects list (which later get $entity->persist()-ed), using an array so that I can easily use it for different entity types, and it seems to work well now.

        $key = $hashList ? '' : $page['id'];
        foreach ($hashList as $method) {
            $val = $object->{$method}();

            if(is_object($val)) {
                $val = $val->getId();

            $key .= $val;

        $key = md5($key);

        $objects[$key] = $object;

Where $hashList = array('getName', 'getType') - and getType returns an object (since it's another entity), but which always has the getId() function... probably not the best solution but it works for my situation...

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